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Sparx City Hop: Sept 12th

Cleveland is a city that begs to be explored. The hidden galleries and studios, the amazing restaurants, the quirky festivals and talented performing artists are all shining examples that make Cleveland’s most central neighborhoods so dynamic. On September 12th, from noon till midnight the 7th annual Sparx City Hop (formerly the Sparx Gallery Hop) will connect all of these elements by free trolleys!

Bachelor Auction Next Year?

Tools for Schools is a volunteer organization of employees dedicated to providing everyday necessities to elementary school children in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. So far this year, funds have been raised for Anton Grdina Elementary School and EPrep.

GCP Middle Market Involvement Committee Update

GCP Middle Market Involvement Committee Update

PlayhouseSquare Block Party and Tour Sept 11

PlayhouseSquare Block Party and Tour Sept 11

Pittsburgh transplant moves to downtown Cleveland

What information would you pass on to someone new to the city?

Blogging Blight, Buicks and Possibilities

Blogging Blight, Buicks and Possibilities

I scream, you scream!

I’ve begun an email campaign to let Jeni’s Ice Cream know that they belong Downtown and in the city of Cleveland, not in the far suburbs! (To be honest, I don’t even know where Eton, where some are suggesting, is) Below you’ll find a similar email to one that I sent out that you can pass along to Jeni’s if you want the best ice cream to come Downtown and to Cleveland – please pass this along and let our voices and stomachs be heard!

Storefront Arts, Cigarette Litter Prevention & Other Updates

I have arranged to begin a storefront art display program offered free for property owners during the interim times which their property sits vacant. I am also working on helping to curb the cigarette butt litter with tastefully decorated “Ash-Cans” which can boast messages such as “Don’t Be A Tosser…Bin Your Butts”… And trash too”…”We Can’t Get Enough Ash!”… “Butts Are For Ash Cans..NOT Neighborhoods!” and “Get Your Butt Out Of The Way”

Dinner and the Indians Game – What a pleasant day!

Indians game and dinner on East 4th at La Strada.

New students love Cleveland!

Over in University Circle, there are a thousand new students to the city of Cleveland at Case Western Reserve University. Around thirty five of those students (only five or six from Ohio) are already city experts because they participated in Case Explores and Case Eats, pre-Welcome Days programs that had them move to campus early and explore what Cleveland has to offer.

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