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Positively Cleveland: Chicagoans Praise Downtown

Yesterday my friend and I went the Indians game. I’ve lost interest in the team this year since nearly everyone has been traded away but I went because I knew it would be a good diversion from a tough week. The game was great and then we went to the Flat Iron for a beer.

While we were there, a young couple started talking to us and we found out they are from Chicago. They are visiting Cleveland–and loving it! Around here it seems to go the other way. Clevelanders head to Chicago to get away. It was really cool to hear them say that. They thought the city was clean, exciting, great venues, good transportation (they rode the bus), enjoyed Euclid Avenue, went to a game at Progressive Field, and were going to the West Side Market today. They were so impressed that they didn’t want to tell anyone because they want it to be their own little secret-I guess that’s ok but I told them to tell the world!

They did mention that their cab driver at one point was crazy-negative about Cleveland and questioned why someone would want to come to Cleveland to visit. These people are ambassadors to the city and they are as negative as the comment-posters on Not a good impression to give a tourist.

The conversation was inspiring and I wanted to retell it to you all this morning. Have a great weekend.

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  1. Robert Carillio
    Posted August 25, 2009 at 10:59 pm | Permalink

    Cab drivers like that…and many people in a customer service oriented job…and even security, are some of the first people visitors meet.

    The last thing they should be doing is talking down on their city. They should be welcoming people and talking about the strengths. People like this, with the “N.E. Ohio inferiority complex” are what hurts Cleveland the most.

    They project an attitude that exudes “loser” …..And so what do you expect others, who may have had no opinion otherwise, to think? Point is…we become what we project..and people will think about us, what image we project about us.

    I think perhaps maybe we should start writing some of the entities like security companies, cab/transportation companies, and any establishment (like hotels) which employ someone in a customer service position–who may have to wait on visitors—to be better informed about their city/region…and to express a better attitude without the puss on their face. When they act this way, they will only hurt their own job when no one comes back to visit.

    My friend from Australia noticed right away this attitude like the one the cab driver had around here and she said it really was a crappy attitude.

    Maybe P.C. should start an outreach program to educate these folks about their city better..and WHY it is important to not act like a turd-in-a-punchbowl!

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