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Storefront Window Display Update!

Today, a small starter display was installed at the Park Building. This was a ‘message’ display and it is important we don’t have the front looking too busy to the point it deters attention from…and drowns out the message.

Additionally, one too full will block the view of the actual space, which would defeat the purpose of people looking into it as a possible space to lease. Other displays will be more full and busy.. But I would say this is a good start in less than a week in getting it all done by volunteers. We will add more…. There were a lot of positive comments offered by passersby as well as from the management of the Park Building.
Thanks to Jesse Howells in helping to be the first to offer a space to get the program kicked off! It will be subtly lit at night…and as more displays are implemented, they will evolve. We will also be doing upkeep on them for the duration of their existence. The small display was to send a ‘please don’t litter’ message.

There are many other interested parties with whom we are working on display design…and installation soon. The enthusiasm generated with this was better than I expected. It would be good to get the soon to be vacant Bang and Clatter Theater front window decorated for the interim…rather than leaving it collect dust. As I coordinate this effort…thanks to all those who are doing their part in the puzzle, to make for one final attractive picture!

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  1. Posted September 2, 2009 at 7:22 pm | Permalink

    This is fantastic, Robert, albeit I was saddened to hear of the B&C Theater closing today.

    Is there any progress (or intent, for that matter) to blocking the dirty, dusty and messy “worker’s room” that seems to have developed in the opposite corner of Corner Alley on E4th & Euclid? It is a horrible sight.

    I hate that this is the first (or last, depending which direction one is walking) impression of E4th Street.

  2. Robert Carillio
    Posted September 5, 2009 at 4:32 pm | Permalink

    Thank you Melinda.

    We have three other spaces which have expressed interest in the program. I was hoping to gain interest from The B&C space soon. As for the 4th corner, I agree. That would have been an ideal space for the program. If it is to be occupied soon, there is really no point in looking at that one, but if not, I welcome the interest from 4th street management. The corner is a prime book end and could be a great spot for the program. It would beat the current look, for sure.

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