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Medical Mart Construction Update

Construction Update 02.10.12


On February 1, 2012, Turner Construction recognized the completion of steel erection on the Medical Mart by hosting a traditional “Topping Out” ceremony, hoisting the final steel beam to the top of the structure with a fir tree and an American flag affixed to the beam. “Topping Out” is an ancient European tradition symbolized by tying a fir tree to the top of a newly completed roof that has been long adopted by American steel workers on construction projects. “Topping Out” recognizes that the uppermost steel beam is in place and that the structure has reached its zenith with no loss of life. More than 200 on-site workers viewed the ceremony and were provided commemorative t-shirts at an onsite luncheon.

Following the “Topping Out” ceremony, construction crews dismantled one of the cranes and completed the erection of the northeast showroom slabs last week and should complete the erection of the southeast showroom slabs shortly.

Concrete for the slab-on-metal deck at the north half of Showroom Level 3 is scheduled for next week while reinforcing for the concrete floors is being placed on the south half of Showroom Level 3 with plans to make the concrete on the south half of Showroom Level 3 within the next several days.

Installation of supports and hangers for the Medical Mart plumbing, mechanical and electrical continues and crews completed installing the northwest metal stair and handrails. The large tarp covering the lower levels of the Medical Mart allows crews to continue extensive sprayed on fireproofing while installation is set to begin for steel tube supports for the precast concrete wall panels.

The fabrication and pouring of concrete for the precast wall panels is continuing off-site, with 401 of the 515 (78%) of the Medical Mart panels completed. The Construction Hoist (elevator) will be delivered this week and it will be erected inside the Ontario Street gate.

In the Exhibit Hall area, steel has been arriving and crews anticipate three complete box trusses assembled within the next several days. Following assembly, crews will place the box trusses on top of the main tree columns in the Exhibit Hall.  The slab on metal deck, forming the roof of the West Concourse and the ramp from the Medical Mart to the Exhibit Hall is scheduled to be poured shortly. On the West Concourse above the loading dock, steel continues to be erected and should be completed within the next week.  In the loading dock area downstairs, the mechanical trades are proceeding with the rough-ins, releasing the concrete slabs in the loading dock.

In the future ballroom and meeting rooms north of Lakeside Avenue, Turner Construction reports that the concrete floor has been completed at the East Mezzanine. Spray-fireproofing at the East Mezzanine upper level has begun and should be completed shortly. The AHU (Air Handling Units) housekeeping pads will follow immediately after the fireproofing work is complete. Selective demolition has begun at existing north columns to receive structural tube steel support for north elevation curtain wall systems. Commissary steel located at the West Mezzanine, Erection of commissary steel in the west mezzanine is underway. The west access road sub-grade has been established and is set to receive stone and rebar for a concrete pour in the near future. The main ballroom curtainwall is expected to arrive on site within the next month.

On the surface of Mall C, crews continue to install the waterproofing membrane above the new Ballroom with approximately 52,500 square feet completed out of 180,000 total square feet.

Work continues this week on the mechanical rooms in the East Concourse south of Lakeside Drive and on the last remaining block stair well. One-third of the metal studs have been installed on the Exhibit Hall level in the East Concourse with work continuing in the center third.

Work is now underway installing the insulation and drainage protection mats, as well as placing the lightweight geo-foam panels. These Lightweight panels are placed on top of the waterproof membrane and will be used to build up the depth under the new road bed and pavement thus allowing heavier loading capacity for trucks and Mall events.

Turner Construction reports that the West Third Street Ramp construction is substantially complete with the ramp set to reopen within the next 90 days. At Public Auditorium, the new doors for the Little Stage Theater are currently being installed.


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    That’s a good news for construction workers..

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    Thanks for the post. A good display can make all the difference at an exhibit.

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