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Downtown Cleveland Alliance brings you the latest news and information on business development in Downtown Cleveland each month.

-   Alexander Mann Solutions chose Downtown Cleveland over Raleigh, N.C. for its U.S. operations hub, bringing up to 300 jobs to the city.

-   We have plenty of job opportunities along with fun places to go after your workday. Those perks help rank Cleveland as one of the Top 20 cities in the United States for 20-somethings.

-   Love music? Well you’re in the right place! Cleveland is one of the Top 10 Cities for Music Lovers in the United States.

-   Resident and young professional-oriented retail is expanding in Downtown Cleveland as Developer Dick Pace takes over retail space at the Colonial and Euclid arcades. What would you like to see there?

-   A new preschool is coming to Downtown Cleveland through a YMCA of Greater Cleveland and Old Stone Church partnership.

-   Hungry? Red the Steakhouse will open along Prospect Avenue in Downtown Cleveland.

-   We did say this city knew its music, well Downtown Cleveland has more music venues than Austin, Texas. We also have more Downtown residents!

-   Cleveland’s new convention center already has commitments for 42 conventions, including the 2014 CleanMed Exposition which alone will bring 1000 attendees, 1500 hotel nights, and over $1 million in economic impact.

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