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Downtown helps you stay active

Need some inspiration for exercising during the cold months? On your lunch break, you now have a new spot to get motivated: a marked 1/9 mile path on the third floor of Tower City Center in Cleveland with signs encouraging walkers to live healthier along the way.

Forest City Enterprises has unveiled this indoor path last month in collaboration with the American Heart Association’s “Go Red for Women” campaign.

The path is an existing loop in the hallway around the skylight concourse overlooking the “Leap Frog” fountain below, and has a marked starting point and floor decals with 15 health tips spread throughout. This time of year, walkers are treated to an amazing view of Tower City’s beautiful holiday décor!

The walking path promotes both exercise and awareness of an often-overlooked women’s health issue, which is heart disease. Some of the health tips walkers will see include: “Even walking for 30 minutes a day can help you maintain body weight and lower your risk of obesity,” and “Pay less attention to the numbers on the scale and more to how you feel over time.”

Bring some tennis shoes, grab a pal, and head upstairs at Tower City to get healthy this holiday season!

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