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Casting Call for Home Renovation TV Show in Cleveland

Rivr Media A Network television show is coming to the Cleveland area to help redecorate and rebuild an area of your home! If you’ve been gravely affected by some kind of catastrophe like a fire, flood or even mold, Rivr Media wants to help you. They’ll use your homeowner’s insurance to clean up the mess, [...]

Member Spotlight: Mira Productions

If you have ever attended a special event in Downtown Cleveland, chances are that you may not have seen us, but we were there.  Hidden behind the scenes, we were working hard to make sure that you, the customer, had an enjoyable experience. Mira Productions LLC is a joint venture between two of the owners [...]

RW Chef Profile: Joe Bemer, Wonder Bar

If you’ve dined in Cleveland over the past decade there is a good chance you’ve shared a meal with Joe Bemer.  More accurately, Joe Bemer has probably shared a meal with you. A lifelong Clevelander, Bemer has cooked in some of Cleveland’s most revered kitchens, including the former Fulton Bar & Grill, Sinergy, Johnny’s, Fire, [...]

2010 Historic Downtown Cleveland Luncheon Forum

Stacy Mitchell (nationally recognized expert on independent business) will present during the 2010 Historic Downtown Cleveland Luncheon Forum on May 12th. The Luncheon will be held at Sammy’s Metropolitan Ballroom in Downtown Cleveland.

Introducing Gardens Under Glass Concept For Cleveland And North East Ohio!

Just wanted to share this wonderful concept with everyone! There is a new concept in the works tilling in downtown Cleveland that will offer local restaurants, small farmers and community gardeners as well as individuals to grow their own food year round! It is the Gardens Under Glass concept that could transform “The Galleria” into [...]

Aquarium In Galleria?

I recently have been “lobbying” intensively for the Cleveland Aquarium Group (not associated with Jacobs) to strongly consider taking an adaptive re-use approach in the creation of their new aquarium for Cleveland/N.E. Ohio—in making use of the Galleria— downtown—as a suitable space for an iconic facility Cleveland can be proud of. The Cleveland Aquarium people [...]

Sparx City Hop is this Saturday!

From 12noon – 12midnight, free trolleys will connect over 60 art galleries, over 100 restaurants and eateries and several events throughout the day and night. To find out more about Sparx City Hop, log onto

International Visitors!

This past weekend I hosted some different visitors to Cleveland – three students from Turkey. I met Charlie, Mete, and Martin (as they go by) through their request to stay with me on CouchSurfing.Org.  For those unfamiliar with this awesome service, Couch Surfing is an international organization of individuals who like to travel, share their [...]

Sparx City Hop: Sept 12th

Cleveland is a city that begs to be explored. The hidden galleries and studios, the amazing restaurants, the quirky festivals and talented performing artists are all shining examples that make Cleveland’s most central neighborhoods so dynamic. On September 12th, from noon till midnight the 7th annual Sparx City Hop (formerly the Sparx Gallery Hop) will connect all of these elements by free trolleys!

Cleveland Ranks as 4th Best US City for Business Travel

A recent report by the economist ranked 140 cities worldwide as destinations for business travel, conferences and training seminars. For the past 3 years, Cleveland has ranked high on the Economists list. This year, the magazine’s research division ranked the city of Cleveland the 14th best business location in the world for business trips. In the US, Cleveland ranks 4th behind Honolulu, Detroit and Atlanta, and ranked ahead of Pittsburgh (5th), Boston (6th) and Seattle (7th).

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