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Introducing Visitors to Downtown Cleveland

It’s a relatively modest good deed but I spent the last two weekends showing friends and family from Columbus around Cleveland and I thought it was worth noting that they were generally impressed.

My best friend and her boyfriend were in town the weekend before last from Columbus (my hometown) to see an Indians game with a bunch of his coworkers.

I had them Friday night and all day Saturday. So we started with happy hour on E. Fourth Street, then we headed over to Johnny’s Little Bar in the Warehouse District.

On Saturday, I showed them my new house in the Detroit Shoreway. (They were impressed how far your real estate dollar goes in Cleveland.) Then we stopped at the Gypsy Bean Cafe and walked down to Edgewater Park.

When my father and his girlfriend were in town last weekend, we did many of the same things.

Of course, my dad and my friend came with some negative conceptions about Cleveland. But I think they both appreciated some the city’s assets, as compared with Columbus–mainly the lakefront location and the big-city infrastructure left over from the glory days.

My dad, actually, was most impressed with Edgewater Park and the Warehouse District.

It was funny because earlier, as we were driving through a more distressed part of the West Side, he remarked sarcastically, ‘You can see why Angie likes it so much here.’

But as we were walking through the Warehouse District, he said ‘It feels like a real big city here. Columbus is trying to do this with the Arena District.’

Finally, when we were enjoying the sunny weather from Edgewater park, he said, ‘I can see why you like it here” and he was being sincere.

My friend Jen was especially impressed with the arcade on Superior Avenue where the Hyatt Hotel is.  She said the city reminds her of Chicago and she kept saying she wanted to move here.

Anyway, I thought it might be worth mentioning that I was doing a small part to improve the city’s image elsewhere. And the city of Cleveland will continue getting my crew’s tourism dollars because my mom is coming to visit this weekend.

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  1. MyTwoSense
    Posted August 3, 2009 at 3:09 pm | Permalink

    There is no Westin hotel in Cleveland. The Hyatt Hotel is at the Arcade.

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