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Shaq’s Official Welcome to Cleveland Party!

Better late than never, but as Cleveland’s newest superstar and the guy Cleveland sports fans believe can finally help bring home the NBA title, who was really upset that Shaq was late— (to his own party)? This past Sunday, Barley House in the Warehouse District hosted a “Welcome to Cleveland Party for Shaq”, with several Cleveland sports stars in attendance including; Bernie Kosar, former Browns quarterback; boxing champion, Kelly Pavlik; Joshua Cribbs, Cleveland Browns return specialist; several members of the Cleveland Indians and many other notable Cleveland celebs!

Fans also anxiously awaited his arrival; snapping photos, cheering, even one fan holding a life-sized cardboard cut-out of O’Neal in an Orlando Magic uniform, hoping that he is the answer to Cleveland’s prayers.

Of the few words Shaq spoke he was quoted saying he already had a good first impression of Cleveland. “It’s a nice town, he said. The entertainment is already here. Everything is here. The Browns are here, Lebron is here and now I’m here.”

The only thing missing—-an NBA title??

Check out some  of the photos from Sunday’s  event here

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