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Welcome to Downtown Cleveland, parts 1 & 2

I’ve spent time on two weekends this September helping people become familiar with downtown Cleveland.

Part 1:  Sparx City Hop

First, I volunteered as a guide for Sparx City Hop, which is a fesival highlighting all the cultural attractions to be found down and around town.  This was the first year for the festival’s wider focus, covering downtown and adjacent neighborhoods like Tremont and Midtown.  I had the luck of being stationed at the Tower Press building, which was popular throughout the day.   It holds over a dozen art studios and exhibits, and they were all open for viewing for this special event.  The weather was perfect and the visitors came in busloads.

It struck me what a large number of people had volunteered their time to make the City Hop happen, and how many of them had already been doing so for years.  There is a tremendous grassroots energy behind downtown Cleveland that can be seen every time we throw a celebration like Sparx City Hop.  This energy has filled warehouses with art studios on the east end, it’s created solid neighborhood growth to the west, and it continues to pack revelers into downtown’s entertainment districts.  It was fun being a part of that, on a renewed Superior Avenue, helping people from around the region discover what we’re all so excited about.

Part 2:  The Ohio State – Toledo Game

My freshman year roommate may be the only Buckeye fan working at the University of Michgan hospital.   Last weekend, he brought his wife’s extended family in from Toledo to watch the Buckeyes play in Cleveland.   None were familiar with the area.  Their priority was tailgating, which in Columbus is a rather spread-out affair.  Not here!   I found them a spot right by the stadium… one of the advantages of having our stadium where it is.   Tailgating here is a much more intimate experience.  The setting was classic Cleveland, with the docks on two sides, commuter trains running along another, and downtown looming above us as the shining city on the hill.  Our guests were amazed with the residential development we have downtown, and they were rightly blown away by our football facilities.

This post was written by a DCA City Advocate. To learn more about the City Advocate Program, please click here.

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  1. Robert Carillio
    Posted September 29, 2009 at 11:08 am | Permalink

    Nice work, Mike!

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