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Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words! — Efforts to Foster a Cleaner Lake Erie

On Saturday, October third, it was a call to arms again as I recruited a handful of caring people to take a bit of time to help do a litter sweep at Edgewater Park. Since it takes only 5 to 7 minutes to reach the park on the West Shoreway, I consider it to be an integral component of downtown’s attractiveness. A natural extension, if you will, in a city that lacks greenspace in its CBD…AND, it is one of the very few natural areas along our waterfront within Cleveland Proper. So needless to say, its improved stewardship is essential in this city becoming more sustainable and green.

I have made continual contact with The Ohio Department Of Natural Resources HQ in Columbus to make sure better management of this park and that it’s litter issues will be not only addressed, but curbed. I drafted a 10 point recommendation list to improve the environment in this park. I will be in contact with the new management. I have encouraged many others to voice their concerns with the state, city, and to be a part of the solution that involves leading by example—by making litter clean-up a lifestyle, not just an occasional effort.

The litter we gathered at Edgewater is testament to the fact that much of this trash had its origins on the city streets, which gets washed onto our beaches via CSO stormdrains during heavy rains—only reminding us how important it is to nip the problem at the source. A cleaner downtown and adjacent neighborhoods will mean a cleaner water resource, our biggest asset, environmentally, socially and economically.

Anyway, while we were taking a few hours cleaning this upper portion of the park, it is good to know that fellow advocate Tanya Cruz has equally been addressing similar issues in The Flats. We are sharing information on these efforts.

During the sweep, we took several photos of what we retrieved. You can copy and paste the Urban Ohio link below and scroll down to the photos to have a look. It is quite disturbing, but equally compelling. We plan to make this a once per month event, weather permitting, and hopefully the efforts will inspire similar activity in other parts of the city in need.,19971.30.html

This post was written by a DCA City Advocate. To learn more about the City Advocate Program, please click here.

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