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DCA to create marketing campaign for Downtown Cleveland

Downtown Cleveland Alliance has released an RFP for the creation of an annual marketing campaign for Downtown Cleveland. The goals of DCA’s new marketing strategy are focused on increasing business and retail investment, condo and townhome sales and an increase in the overall awareness of what downtown has to offer.

Over the summer, DCA underwent a thorough process to obtain stakeholder perspectives and comments as part of the reauthorization process for Downtown Cleveland’s Special Improvement District or SID (the development mechanism that permits downtown stakeholders to provide additional funding for the central business district’s development). A series of public forums, an online survey and numerous meetings resulted in a clear set of priorities for the next 5 year term of the SID. An increase in business and investor marketing was one of the highest priorties set in the new business plan. As a result, DCA is beginning the process of creating a comprehensive marketing plan to address these priorities.

Over the past 6 months, DCA has worked to create a strategic vision for how and to whom that marketing campaign should be directed; now the Alliance is looking for the best in local marketing talent to help them bring this exciting plan into reality.

This RFP is open for response to any agency located in Cuyahoga County. DCA will hold a teleconference on Friday, December 11th at 10am with all agencies responding to the RFP. Agency representatives looking to respond should contact Josh Taylor at Downtown Cleveland Alliance for a copy of the RFP and details on the conference call.

Josh Taylor

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