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DCA Announces City Advocates Program for 2010

Downtown Cleveland Alliance is seeking new participants for the DCA City Advocate program. Launched in 2009, the program brings together a diverse group of young professionals who are eager to play a role in the revitalization and progress of downtown Cleveland. While volunteering time and hard work to actions related to DCA’s mission, participants emerge as new community leaders and potential candidates to serve on the DCA Board of Directors.

The City Advocate program is action‐oriented, requiring participants to become involved in self‐directed initiatives that support Downtown in some way, be it through marketing, business attraction and retention, advocacy or other means. Many City Advocates choose to work on longer‐term collaborative projects, while others focus on actions that can be completed in one day. Some of the actions undertaken by the 2009‐2010 class of City Advocates include: taking suburban friends and relatives on tours of favorite downtown sites; researching the construction of a playground downtown; creating a letter writing campaign in support of state and federal funding for public transportation; helping owners of empty storefronts execute interim uses such as art installations and advertising; creating viral marketing videos about downtown life; and other incremental efforts such as blogging and tweeting about Downtown.

The program requires an annual commitment, attendance at monthly meetings and dedication to downtown Cleveland. For more information on how to become a DCA City Advocate,
visit or contact Laura Kushnick,, 216‐736‐7799.

Deadline to apply is February 26th.

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