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DCA Ambassador Thank-you’s

Our smiling ambassadors patrol Downtown every single day making an impact! Here are just some of the recent comments we’ve received via email! Our special thanks to all our Ambassadors for making Downtown Cleveland shine!

“Just wanted to let you know I was pleased with the jump start service by team lead Brooks today. The parking lot attendant mentioned Cleveland Alliance might be able to help me when my car didn’t start (I had left my headlights on earlier and battery was dead). I called the number at 12:56pm, Mr Brooks arrived and had my car started by 1:18. Thank you for this service.” -  Charles

“Last Tuesday, February 22nd, I volunteered to drive Jean to an appointment with her lawyer in the Standard Building at 1370 Ontario Street in downtown Cleveland. Jean is pretty much confined to a wheel chair. The sidewalk conditions in Cleveland were icy and snow covered in many places and it was difficult to push a wheelchair through this wintry mess. After Jean’s appointment was over two individuals from the Downtown Cleveland Alliance assisted Jean and I in getting Jean back in my car for the ride back to her home in Parma. The help of these Cleveland Alliance folks was greatly appreciated. They were both very polite and very helpful. I tried to tip them for their assistance, but to my amazement they refused the tip.One of the two Cleveland Alliance folks gave me a business card with the name of Benjamin K. Evans, Operations Supervisor of Downtown Cleveland Alliance.” – Mr. Hayes

“I am taking the time to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the care your organization has taken in selecting the staff for the downtown Cleveland project.  Not one of them have I observed to be anything other than courteous, professional, helpful, pleasant and always ready to share a warm smile or an enthusiastic greeting.  On many occasions I have had brief conversations with both men and women during my lunchtime walk or, on my way to get my bus home after work.  Each and every conversation has been quite pleasant, some thought provoking, and some helping me get my laugh of the day.  So, on last Friday, as I was walking to CVS and happened to strike up a pleasant conversation with the lovely Juanita, I thought that I should let you know how much of a positive difference your staff makes to the people who work – and also visit our lovely city.Our streets are cleaner and more inviting for strolling; the presence of your staff visible and constantly working and assisting with directions; and the ever important (to me) assistance of walking with me to my car if I work a bit late into the evening and feel a bit uneasy walking alone.All these things help combat the negative image outsiders want to levy on Cleveland.  For visitors who come here, your staff offers such a positive effect that those visitors take away with them. So, I just want to shed a positive light on your staff.  As we know, people are ever so anxious to complain when the slightest misstep is made, and I want to be just a quick as those who complain to lend my voice in complementing you and your staff on a JOB WELL DONE!!! ” – Acquanetta

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