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Ambassador Appreciation Letters

Below are some letters we have received on behalf of the great work our ambassadors do on a daily basis

May 11, 2012 was our 17th wedding anniversary.  As a young couple we “got to know” each other having fun on the streets on Cleveland Ohio. Always fun….could always find something to do.  We returned to Downtown Cleveland last Friday to have some fun to celebrate our 17 years.   MELVIN was the man!!!..He was courteous and friendly and very helpful.  He made our day  Thanks for people like him.

Good Afternoon Mr. Evans,
I am a Program Manager at Youth Opportunities Unlimited and have had the pleasure of getting to know Melvin.  He is a very courteous man who appears to be a hard worker.  I just wanted to say I feel the City of Cleveland is better with you.

Jay Bayhurst, Program Manager
Youth Opportunities Unlimited


Just wanted to take the time to say thanks to your employees who come around here. I find them to be courteous, helpful, professional and friendly. Special thanks to Clean 23 , SW 1 and I believe it’s Safety Juan.

Jimmie Lytle /City Manager/Greyhound Lines Inc

Mr. Conwell:
I wanted to let you know that Don Hughes walked me from the Federal Building to the Willard Parking Garage on Tuesday night around 10 pm. I really appreciated it.  Thank you so much to the downtown Cleveland Alliance for offering this service.

Michelle M. DeBaltzo
Trial Attorney
U.S. Department of Labor – Office of the Solicitor

I wanted to share my experience with you during a recent visit to downtown on West Sixth. I was walking back to my car after the Cleveland Marathon and noticed how diligent some of your workers were in cleaning up West Sixth. I had traveled the same path earlier and observed how badly it needed to be cleaned up. Being in the property management business it is always nice to see employees who take pride in their work. I made it a point to stop and chat with the workers and acknowledge the work they had done. I found that Rico, Margarita and Ron to be polite and had a sense of pride in their work. It is these types of employees who make our jobs easier.

Please feel free to share my commentary with your staff.

Best Regards,

David B. Burrows
Riverview Management Company

Mr. Evans,

As someone who works downtown(Playhouse Square) I want to thank you for the work your people do in keeping the streets clean. I especially want to praise the work of Melvin.  It is a pleasure to see him always smiling and with a positive attitude.  He is a great ambassador for the city.  On a personal note, I don’t see him as often as a few years ago because his assignment changed but it’s always great when I do.  Keep up the good work.

Joe T.
______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear

It’s been forever since we last spoke and not sure you remember me.  I used to live in the Warehouse District and have been in NYC for three years now though I visit Cleveland often.  I was involved in a number of focus groups in meetings discussing the Ambassadors and I wanted to shoot you quick note for first fighting to keep them around and secondly congratulating them for the effectiveness.

I was recently in Cleveland for a series of meetings and went to a Tribe game last Thursday afternoon.  I had such a good time at the game I ventured over the Casino and completely lost track of time (and the lack of time in my meter).  A very long story short I returned to my car on 9th between Prospect & Euclid and it was gone.  Unfortunately,  I had left my cell phone in the car and all my other belonging and wasn’t even able to call 911.  Now panicking because I didn’t know if the car had been towed or stolen I spotted one of the yellow shirts.  Safety 17 (I am so embarrassed that I can’t remember his name) was immensely helpful.  We remained calm, asked all the right questions and got me connected with CPD officer Charles Gove who helped me located my car in impound and waited with me until a cab arrived.  He also helped convince impound to let me retrieve my phone since I was from out of town though none of my identification proved so.

I’d like to congratulate you, your staff and the ambassadors for their quick, smart thinking and the ability to pass the baton to CPD to handle issues beyond the ambassadors scope.  I am so glad to know that the program has continued and is certainly a model that I will hold up for downtown development nationally.


Dear Mr. Conwell,
I wanted to express my thanks for your service in the afternoon of May 22, 2012.  I was visiting Cleveland and locked my keys in my car in the parking garage.  This was a significant blow to my day as usually it is an $80 tow company charge and long delay.  Additionally, I was in a strange city with no idea who to call.  The garage attendants called your service to help me.  A very nice gentleman appeared and worked very hard to get my door open.  My car has automatic safety mechanisms that freeze-lock the door upon detecting tampering.  This sets off the alarm; however, instead of saying that it would not work, he kept at it and got it to unlock!  He was very calm and polite during the whole process and even talked up Cleveland.  I was so happy with the service that I offered him a tip, which he politely declined.

This is a very nice service to have and a wonderful way to showcase the city.  Thank you.
Kristi A. Katsma

On, Thursday, May 24, about 3:30 pm, I was fortunate to have had the service from the Cleveland Alliance group to help me with a flat tire that I had in the parking lot of W. 3rd and Superior after returning to my car after a Cleveland Indians game. Holly Brown stayed with us until Robert McCan came to fix our tire. Both Holly and Robert couldn’t have been nicer. We were very grateful for this service, but, neither one would accept a tip. If we could donate to this very worthwhile organization please let us know how! It was wonderful to see that there are groups that want to do what they can to make going downtown a pleasant experience.

Bill Riter

I was a Sgt at Arms at a recent event at the Cleveland Public Auditorium on Thursday, May 24th and was pleasantly assisted by one of your people, Juanita.  She was extremely courteous and helpful in giving me directions so that I could pass them onto our visitors at the USW 70th Anniversary Event.  We had many out of towners, including myself that didn’t know the “lay of the land” in downtown Cleveland.

If you have others that serve the general public the way that Juanita did, you will have a successful, beneficial and rewarding program in place for those visiting Cleveland.  Thank You.

Beverly K Williams
International Auditor

I want to acknowledge two of your fine DCA Ambassadors.  I work downtown and frequently see Juanita (don’t know her last name) – who always has a big smile on her face and always says hello.  Likewise, Melvin is also very friendly and always acknowledges me.  I appreciate the fine work the DCA does, and wanted to recognize two of your staff that have made a positive impression upon me.

Keep up the good work.


I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate having the Ohio City Ambassadors out there on the street. They are doing a great job. I spoke to Melvin and LuJuana on Saturday and they are just fantastic. We are lucky to have such great people out there on the job.

Thanks again


Hello, Mr. Conwell:
I wanted to write a letter about this, but the times being what they are, it’s far more expedient for me to send a less-formal e-mail than a more-formal letter. However, not matter how I send it, I wanted to take a few minutes to say how much I appreciate the Downtown Cleveland Alliance’s presence in Ohio City, and especially to commend your employee Anita Davidson.

Last Thursday I was attending a Global Cleveland event held at the Marketplace Garden. You may be aware that Global Cleveland’s purpose is to help build the city’s professional workforce and to encourage the return of native Clevelanders (“boomerangers”) like me. On my way to the event, I accidentally locked my keys in the car, which I didn’t discover until I was getting ready to leave.

Ms. Davidson happened to be near as I was rummaging uselessly in my purse for my keys. She walked me with my car and stayed with me until I could get a locksmith to open the door. She was joined by another Alliance employee, Hosea (I failed to get his last name). Both employees were friendly and personable, and I felt reassured and safe by their presence as I had to wait. Ms. Davidson was particularly friendly, and she patiently spent probably about half an hour waiting with me.

While the locked-key situation was annoying, under these circumstances it was certainly not aggravating or threatening. I have been in Pennsylvania the last few years in graduate school and before that in Arizona for five years; I only recently have had the time and opportunity to explore my hometown city again. The Downtown Cleveland Alliance, in conjunction with the efforts of Global Cleveland, made for a wonderful evening and reminded me how great this town can be.

Thank you for the good service you provide Cleveland’s neighborhoods, and again please convey my thanks to Ms. Davidson for her great work.

All the best,
Tracy Lassiter, ABD
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Good Morning Mr Conwell,
My name is Ms.Pointer(On Point Hair & Nail Salon) I am writing to say how wonderful I think your staff is! From the walks to my car when needed or them just stopping,waving making sure all is well..I am terrible with names wish I could name them all Juanita  is awesome! And I have to mention Shaquita and Rob McCann,on last Friday my car stalled twice!! And those 2 as chilly as it was that evening was there assisting me Rob gave my car a jump and Shaquita was patrolling when she saw I needed help and immediately was on her walky talky..LOL,they were awesome not ince but twice they got me on my way once only to not make it very far and need help again,Rob rigged it so that I made it home safely,I appreciate their patience and their professionalism,to you and your staff keep up the great work you all are appreciated.
Pecola Pointer,owner of On Point Hair & Nail Salon 610 St.Clair.

Mr Evans.
I must compliment two of your people.  I own the Allstate Barber College at W26 and Lorain. Melvin and Layana are a pleasure to have in our area.  They are very polite and seem to be dedicated to keeping Ohio City clean and a pleasant place to be.

Thanks for having them in our area.
Mike D’Amico owner/director /

We have just moved into our new space at the Ohio Savings (Amtrust) and I asked Juanita for some recommendations on parking. She was so knowledgeable and helpful. She went out of her way to recommend the safest and best lots, and even knew the prices. Perk Park is a safer place because of her watchful eye on our city. I thought it was worth mentioning what a fine job she is doing.

Heather Alley, RA LEED AP
Project Architect

Hello Michael,
I just wanted to e-mail you and say thanks for a great service. My wife and I were downtown and our keys got lock in the car an officer gave us Rob’s number and with in a few minutes he arrived on his gator and quickly unlocked our car thanks again he was great !!!!!!


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