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Gardens Under Glass Re-Source Center: Ideas and Gifts Promoting Sustainable Lifestyles!

Thanks to the help of many volunteers…. The Gardens Under Glass Re-source and Education Center is now open at the magnificent Galleria mixed-use complex in downtown Cleveland! The Re-Source Center is the “branch” of the main tree and cornerstone project at Gardens Under Glass–which is the year-round development of urban agriculture. In this newly transformed [...]

Making Over Empty Windows With Art

Take a closer look while you’re walking around downtown and you may notice, that slowly, but surely, many empty storefront windows are being transformed with art displays or posters. This effort was initiated about a year ago and is now called “Cleveland Storefront Art” Joan Smith, Myself and a host of others have helped launch [...]

Re-Source Center At Gardens Under Glass Now Open!

The new Re-Source Center at Gardens Under Glass at The Galleria is now open and seeking volunteers. The basic foundation of the project is to promote more sustainable lifestyles through urban agriculture and in supporting locally or independently made goods/foods and local/independent business. Such that can be offered in the larger vision of the project [...]

A New Litter Reduction Campaign

I have been working the last few weeks with Pastor Doug Horner on the near west side to start the beginnings of a small piolet program aimed at increasing awareness about litter’s negative effects on the community—and to promote more recycling and anti-littering habits and mindsets. Hopefully our program which may include nicely decorated trash/recycling [...]

Assisting With Gardens Under Glass

I am currently assisting with creating the new learning center/store/exhibit room at the Gardens Under Glass Project at the Galleria. Here, you will find many unique items as well as a learning experience! I am working on creating life-like live Ohio native fish exhibits and art with interpretive information on each exhibit. I have also [...]

More Updates Of Ongoing Projects!

Hello everyone! I am still working on a few projects at the same time… All are ongoing activities/projects. For starters, I am still working to get some interest in Pedapod and may acquire one in the nearer future to do a trial run. Secondly, litter clean-ups at Edgewater to promote more anti-littering environments in Cleveland. [...]

Simple Updates Of Recent Efforts

The following post was written by a DCA City Advocate. To learn more about the City Advocate Program, please click here. It has been a while since I posted anything, however, I am not idle! I am working on three projects right now in the hope that something will emerge as a regular mainstay for [...]

Welcome Flaming Ice Cube To Cleveland!

Hello! I am finally back in Cleveland after three months in Sydney, Australia where I have brought back some wonderful inspiration. I figured I should post an update about earlier mentions of The Flaming Ice Cube so here goes…. When I first invited the owners of Flaming Ice Cube to swing over from Youngstown to [...]

Storefront Window Displays Artwalk?

As an expanded idea for doing the makeovers on the downtown windows, myself and a few other participants thought it would be a nice idea–once we have enough completed windows, to turn it into a unique kind of art walk in itself with a little card map plotting out the various locations. Such can encourage [...]

Introducing Gardens Under Glass Concept For Cleveland And North East Ohio!

Just wanted to share this wonderful concept with everyone! There is a new concept in the works tilling in downtown Cleveland that will offer local restaurants, small farmers and community gardeners as well as individuals to grow their own food year round! It is the Gardens Under Glass concept that could transform “The Galleria” into [...]

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