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Sherwin-Williams presents “Local Colors. Local Artists.”

CALLING ALL NORTHEAST OHIO ARTISTS: SHOW US WHAT CLEVELAND MEANS TO YOU! NOW ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS WHAT: Sherwin-Williams invites Northeast Ohio artists to submit digital images of colorful drawings, paintings, photography or any 2-D works of art depicting the spirit of Cleveland.  Submissions must be square or rectangular in shape.  Selected submission(s) will be featured on a [...]

Urban planning students lend creative ideas to continue development in downtown district

High school students across greater Cleveland converge in Downtown Cleveland to share their fresh, innovative ideas on how to continue momentum in Downtown Cleveland’s NineTwelve District.  The semester long project was collaboration between Teaching Cleveland Institute and Downtown Cleveland Alliance’s City Advocate Jason Russell. Students will present their projects to government officials, Downtown Cleveland Alliance [...]

New Sherwin Williams Sign: Our Home Since 1866. Our Pride Forever

Last month, Sherwin-Williams’ Global Hedquarters installed a giant 10-story banner – one of the nation’s largest – saluting Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. Reading, “Our Home Since 1866. Our Pride Forever”, the 1.3 ton banner salutes not only Cleveland and Northeast Ohio, but Sherwin-Williams’s 144 year commitment to one of the best cities in the country. [...]

Storefront Window Displays Artwalk?

As an expanded idea for doing the makeovers on the downtown windows, myself and a few other participants thought it would be a nice idea–once we have enough completed windows, to turn it into a unique kind of art walk in itself with a little card map plotting out the various locations. Such can encourage [...]

The Bridge Project: Walking Cleveland’s Old Subway

This past weekend my girlfriend and I went to the Bridge Project. This was such a cool event and yet another reason to enjoy living in the city (and near downtown). It is run by the same people who put on Ingenuity Fest. But in this case, they opened up the lower level of the [...]

Storefront Window Display Update!

Today, a small starter display was installed at the Park Building. This was a ‘message’ display and it is important we don’t have the front looking too busy to the point it deters attention from…and drowns out the message. Additionally, one too full will block the view of the actual space, which would defeat the [...]

Storefront Arts, Cigarette Litter Prevention & Other Updates

I have arranged to begin a storefront art display program offered free for property owners during the interim times which their property sits vacant. I am also working on helping to curb the cigarette butt litter with tastefully decorated “Ash-Cans” which can boast messages such as “Don’t Be A Tosser…Bin Your Butts”… And trash too”…”We Can’t Get Enough Ash!”… “Butts Are For Ash Cans..NOT Neighborhoods!” and “Get Your Butt Out Of The Way”

Table Time by SALT

Table Time is a new event created by SALT (Sustainable Arts Leaders Talk), a group of 15 non-profit visual arts organizations that have come together to create a stronger collaborative network and presence in Northeast Ohio. Table Time is a mini craft fair that will be set up for a few hours every other week [...]

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