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DCA receives grant from The George Gund Foundation

In a recent article of The Phlianthropy News Digest, the Cleveland-based George Gund Foundation announced fifty-nine grants totaling nearly $3.5 million to Ohio nonprofits working in the areas of the arts, human services, education, economic development, and the environment. Among those first quarter grants included up to $250,000 to the Downtown Cleveland Alliance for its ongoing [...]

DCIC Board elects new members

At Downtown Cleveland Alliance’s annual DCIC Board Meeting on November 4th, 2010, board members elected two new members to the DCIC Board and reelected six current members to serve a new three (3) year term. The DCIC Board welcomed two (2) new members for a three (3) year term to fill vacancies that were created [...]

DCA Featured in recent PD Articles

Last month DCA was featured in two great articles in the Plain Dealer. The first was on December 20th, an editorial complimenting the lighting display on Public Square; the second was on Christmas Day about our new Business Development Center & marketing strategy. City lights shine in unity: editorial “The heart of the city is [...]

A New Litter Reduction Campaign

I have been working the last few weeks with Pastor Doug Horner on the near west side to start the beginnings of a small piolet program aimed at increasing awareness about litter’s negative effects on the community—and to promote more recycling and anti-littering habits and mindsets. Hopefully our program which may include nicely decorated trash/recycling [...]

Assisting With Gardens Under Glass

I am currently assisting with creating the new learning center/store/exhibit room at the Gardens Under Glass Project at the Galleria. Here, you will find many unique items as well as a learning experience! I am working on creating life-like live Ohio native fish exhibits and art with interpretive information on each exhibit. I have also [...]

More Updates Of Ongoing Projects!

Hello everyone! I am still working on a few projects at the same time… All are ongoing activities/projects. For starters, I am still working to get some interest in Pedapod and may acquire one in the nearer future to do a trial run. Secondly, litter clean-ups at Edgewater to promote more anti-littering environments in Cleveland. [...]

Simple Updates Of Recent Efforts

The following post was written by a DCA City Advocate. To learn more about the City Advocate Program, please click here. It has been a while since I posted anything, however, I am not idle! I am working on three projects right now in the hope that something will emerge as a regular mainstay for [...]

Storefront Window Displays Artwalk?

As an expanded idea for doing the makeovers on the downtown windows, myself and a few other participants thought it would be a nice idea–once we have enough completed windows, to turn it into a unique kind of art walk in itself with a little card map plotting out the various locations. Such can encourage [...]


In an effort to help promote less tossing of cigarette butts onto the ground on Euclid, our showcase downtown avenue, I have promoted the re-use/recycling of old ash cans that used to be used at the Galleria, in collaboration with a couple partners employed at the Galleria. Thanks to their help with this idea, it [...]

Cleveland A Great Lakes Cruise Destination? Why Not?

I have recently contacted The Port of Cleveland, The Visitors Bureau and the Great Lakes Cruise Company to get all these groups to entertain the idea of making Cleveland a stop on one of their cruises. The itineraries are fantastic, but surprisingly there is not a Cleveland stop. Maybe if more advocates wrote in support [...]

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