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Downtown Farmers’ Market @ the Arcade during December

This Year, Downtown Cleveland Can Eat Local Through the Holidays! Farmers’ markets have been on the rise in recent years, with increasing demand for locally-sourced food from consumers. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that the number of farmers’ markets in the United States grew 16% from 2009 to 2010, 36% in Ohio. Even with [...]

Making Over Empty Windows With Art

Take a closer look while you’re walking around downtown and you may notice, that slowly, but surely, many empty storefront windows are being transformed with art displays or posters. This effort was initiated about a year ago and is now called “Cleveland Storefront Art” Joan Smith, Myself and a host of others have helped launch [...]

Re-Source Center At Gardens Under Glass Now Open!

The new Re-Source Center at Gardens Under Glass at The Galleria is now open and seeking volunteers. The basic foundation of the project is to promote more sustainable lifestyles through urban agriculture and in supporting locally or independently made goods/foods and local/independent business. Such that can be offered in the larger vision of the project [...]

Cleveland A Great Lakes Cruise Destination? Why Not?

I have recently contacted The Port of Cleveland, The Visitors Bureau and the Great Lakes Cruise Company to get all these groups to entertain the idea of making Cleveland a stop on one of their cruises. The itineraries are fantastic, but surprisingly there is not a Cleveland stop. Maybe if more advocates wrote in support [...]

Aquarium In Galleria?

I recently have been “lobbying” intensively for the Cleveland Aquarium Group (not associated with Jacobs) to strongly consider taking an adaptive re-use approach in the creation of their new aquarium for Cleveland/N.E. Ohio—in making use of the Galleria— downtown—as a suitable space for an iconic facility Cleveland can be proud of. The Cleveland Aquarium people [...]

Letter Writing Campaign in Support of RTA

I am organizing a letter-writing campaign with the group Advance Cleveland to call on state and national officials to fairly fund public transportation. This is as a result of the cuts RTA is facing due to budget constraints.

Leisure Blog Featuring Cleveland Related Articles

I just wanted to post a message about a leisure writing blog I have had for about one year, that has many Cleveland and North East Ohio related editorial type writings from me. Some of it is quirky and controversial, but all in good fun. I often use many writings on it to promote better [...]

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