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Downtown helps you stay active

Need some inspiration for exercising during the cold months? On your lunch break, you now have a new spot to get motivated: a marked 1/9 mile path on the third floor of Tower City Center in Cleveland with signs encouraging walkers to live healthier along the way. Forest City Enterprises has unveiled this indoor path [...]

Popcorn for Lunch

The 34th Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF) and Downtown Cleveland Alliance invite you to spend your lunch hour at the 34th CIFF! Snack on popcorn and watch any (or all!) of a program of collected short subject films each weekday at noon. Screenings typically last between 90 and 100 minutes, but individual films can have a running time between one and 30 minutes. So you will be able to join us at the beginning, join us in progress, leave early, or leave at the end. Or take a longer lunch break and enjoy the whole program!

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