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Welcome Flaming Ice Cube To Cleveland!

Hello! I am finally back in Cleveland after three months in Sydney, Australia where I have brought back some wonderful inspiration. I figured I should post an update about earlier mentions of The Flaming Ice Cube so here goes…. When I first invited the owners of Flaming Ice Cube to swing over from Youngstown to [...]

Recruiting For Established And Popular Vegetarian/Vegan Cafe To Locate Downtown

Recruiting For Established And Popular Vegetarian/Vegan Cafe To Locate Downtown

Storefront Arts, Cigarette Litter Prevention & Other Updates

I have arranged to begin a storefront art display program offered free for property owners during the interim times which their property sits vacant. I am also working on helping to curb the cigarette butt litter with tastefully decorated “Ash-Cans” which can boast messages such as “Don’t Be A Tosser…Bin Your Butts”… And trash too”…”We Can’t Get Enough Ash!”… “Butts Are For Ash Cans..NOT Neighborhoods!” and “Get Your Butt Out Of The Way”

More Recruiting For Possible Exclusive Vegan Cuisine

Today, I traveled to Mahoning County where I purchase locally produced, organic raw dog food. (for my dog). While I shoot over Youngstown/Warren way… I make a point to stop off at The Flaming Ice Cube Cafe and Gift Store for lunch and a browse of unique gift items. Although I have spoken in the [...]

Advocate Action: Trying to Promote Exclusive Vegan Establishment to Locate Downtown!

Hello everybody! I am enthused to be a part of this downtown advocacy program. When all is finished, I am confident that everyone’s contributions will offer something socially redeeming for Cleveland. I have several ideas I would like to see implemented to help promote downtown to make it a place that has something to offer [...]

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